As part of the ‘deal’, three other offences to which he pleaded not guilty were ordered to lie on the file but still formed part of the prosecution case. Winsor had denied a second offence of stalking Miss Thomas’s tenant, Lisa Sudbury, who shared Miss Thomas’s flat. And he had pleaded not guilty to two offences of administering a noxious substance relating to the testosterone and putting ‘a highly alkaline substance’ in a bottle of shampoo He claimed that someone else had adulterated the toiletries to incriminate him. He added the hormones to Nivea face cream (Picture: Rex) However Judge David Turner said he was ‘lying’. He ครีม หน้า ใส หน้า เด้ง said that a scientist had linked the prescribed hormone gel to the doctored lotions. As he jailed Winsor the judge referring to the doctoring of the toiletries said : ‘That’s the element of harassment or stalking which is all rather ugly, unpleasant and offensive. ‘She describes herself as feeling sick when she saw those cameras, vulnerable, frightened, her privacy invaded. ‘You had endangered her health by the use of this testosterone gel.’ And the judge added that Winsor was unrepentant saying: ‘I have detected no remorse.’ In addition to the jail sentence he imposed an indefinite restraining order. Prosecutor Richard Potts said Winsor and Miss Thomas were neighbours from 2010 in the same block of flats. They had an ‘on-off relationship’ for four years before she moved in with him. But Mr Potts said she always thought he seemed to lead something of a double life and last January she moved out and back into her own flat believing he was seeing someone else.

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