And out go... Remain campaigner George Osborne has been fired as chancellor. He had been in the Treasury since 2010 - throughout David Cameron's tenure in Downing Street. He had also been first secretary of state since May 2015. A key ally of Mr Cameron, Mr Osborne tweeted it had been a "privilege" to be chancellor, adding: "Others will judge - I hope I've left the economy in a better state than I found it." Michael Gove Leave campaigner Image copyright AP Michael Gove has been fired as justice secretary. The former Times journalist also served under David Cameron as education secretary in the coalition government, and as chief whip. He successfully campaigned for Brexit alongside Boris Johnson - but later withdrew his support for his colleague to be Conservative leader and prime minister, instead standing himself. He was eliminated in the final round of voting by MPs in third place. His surprise move to stand for the leadership and therefore to become prime minister effectively dashed Mr Johnson's hopes of running. Nicky Morgan Image copyright AFP/Getty Nicky Morgan is to leave her post as education secretary. The 43-year-old, who qualified as a lawyer, became an MP in 2010 and rose to the cabinet position of minister for women and equalities in 2013.

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